Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye Mrs. A, we'll miss you

Well I know I said I wouldn't be the type to post non-stop, but today is a bit of a special case.  Yesterday I found out that my daughters teacher is leaving tommorow.  (She was only filling in for another teacher who is now coming back from Mat. leave).  I'm not sure how I missed out on knowing this and I feel bad.  She is a great teacher and I know how hard it will be for my daughter to adjust to this change, this far into the year.

So anyways  yesterday after school my daughter makes this announcement and then says she wants to give her teacher something special to say goodbye.  2 days notice!!!!  Ack!!!!

Luckily I have recently come to grips with my yarn addiction and in an effort to reclaim my closets i have started to do some serious stash-busting.  (hey 8 large rubbermaid totes and 3 garbage bags of yarn take up ALOT of space you know).  So I have a couple of afghans on the go.  Just finnished one of them tonight with time to spare. (ha!)  Its a good size for a couch throw, as my daughter says, its a good cuddle blanket for her teacher to share with her husband.  I hope she likes it.

The pattern is one that I just ended up liking after about half a dozen false starts.  The finished size ended up being approx. 4 ft x 5 ft  and I used 2 - 400gram balls of Stylecraft Aran Knitting yarn (80% Acrylic 20% Wool)  I bought the wool probably about 15 years ago or so (I told you my yarn stash was bad...)

Chain length desired
Row 1 - DC in each chain stitch
Row 2 -chain 4,  skip 1st st then TRC through both loops (whole row is done through both loops) in next 2 sts, * skip one st, TRC in next 2 sts, TRC into skipped st. * ( * forms cluster)  Continue clusters along row until last 4 sts.  Skip one stitch, TRC last 3 sts. Turn
Row 3 & 4 -DC straight across crocheting into front loops only.

Repeat rows 2-4 until desired length is achieved ending with Row 3.

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